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They are intended for a wide audience and are designed to provide an easy and enjoyable pastime.

Casual games are a type of computer games that are usually characterized by simple gameplay, a low barrier to entry, and no significant time or complex gaming requirements.

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Description: Pac-Man is one of the most famous arcade games in which you control a character named Pac-Man who must collect dots and avoid ghosts. The game was released in 1980 and left an indescribable mark on the history of video games.


Description: Bejeweled is a puzzle game in which you must move gems on the playing field to create groups of three or more identical stones. The goal is to clear the field of stones, and the game provides modes with different difficulties.


The game became popular due to their simplicity and fun, and they remain favorites among players around the world even decades after their release.

Description: Peggle is a fun arcade game in which you shoot balls to destroy colored blocks and collect the maximum number of points. The game has colorful graphics and funny characters, making it an enjoyable pastime.


Casual games provide a great way to relax, have fun and have fun, and their popularity continues to grow in the world of computer games.

Here are some characteristics of casual games:

Casual games usually have simple and intuitive gameplay that does not require complex skills or many hours of training. This makes them accessible to players of all ages and experience levels.

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  • Short Play Sessions: Casual games often offer short play sessions that can be completed quickly. This is ideal for those who want to have some quick fun even if they have limited time.

  • Low Commitment: In casual games, there is no need to invest a lot of time or effort to succeed. They usually allow players to choose how much time they want to devote to the game.

  • Variety of Genres: Casual games can span a variety of genres, including puzzles, arcades, card games, mobile games, and many more. This allows players to choose games that suit their interests.
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